Frequently asked questions about window coverings

We recently did a surgery in conjunction with Sungard Window Fashions in Peoria, Illinois, to learn about the kinds of questions people ask when it comes to choosing new window coverings for the windows in their homes.  Overall, we learned that people are interested in ways they can maximize efficiency in their home through the use of window coverings, while also finding something that is fashionable and makes their home look great.  The most common questions that arose during our surgery included the following:

1) How do I clean my window coverings:  If you are investing in high quality window coverings throughout your home, you will want to make sure you know how to properly clean and care for them.  Some materials, like wood, are very straight forward to clean.  If you have wooden window coverings, you can simply dust them and then do a deeper clean every few weeks using some kind of a wood polish.  When you have a fabric blind, however, you need to make sure you understand the care instructions and take good care of your window coverings to ensure that they last a long time.  Most blinds can be dusted, even if they are not made of wood, but you will want to make sure that dusting is OK before you move forward with that as your primary way to clean your window coverings. Most window coverings will come with care instructions, and you can hire professional cleaners to come in and clean them for you every few months.

2) How do I install my window coverings:  This is another very commonly asked question.  When you install window coverings, you want to make sure you get it right the first time so you don’t end up with drill marks in your wall from multiple failed attempts.  You want to first measure the space and make sure you know exactly the size of your window.  Your window coverings should come with details instructions, which will include information on attaching them to different household surfaces.  If your window coverings do not come with instructions, you can always contact the manufacturer.  Additionally, if you do not want to risk hanging them incorrectly, you can hire someone to come in and do this for you.  This service is offered at many retailers who sell window coverings.

3) How do I know if my window treatments are energy efficient: If energy efficiency is your end goal, make sure you do your research and search for window coverings which are known to be energy efficient.  While any window coverings will help keep out the cold or warm air, there are some that are especially designed to insulate your home and cut down on your energy usage.  If this is your main goal in installing new window coverings, you should be looking for window coverings designed specifically with this purpose in mind.

4) What is an energy efficient window covering?  Many people do not know what an energy efficient window covering is.  This is a window covering designed to maximize energy efficiency in your home.


5 Practical Tips for Buying a Used Car

When buying a used car, many factors come into play. Factors such as cost, quality and comfort are just some of the basic things to consider.  You want to lock down these three factors before making a decision.  Here are 5 practical tips to ensure that you get the right car to suit your budget and lifestyle.

transmission repair

Car dealership

  1. Don’t buy on impulse

As with any important purchases, give it some time before you buy. In the case of a used car, buying on impulse sets you up for a lot of mistakes that may lead you to spending more than you should. Allow yourself the right mindset when shopping for a used car. If this is a vehicle that you will use on a daily basis, make sure that you are comfortable with the model that you will choose.

  1. Set a budget.  Cost is one of the primary considerations when it comes to purchasing a car. Take into consideration how you will be funding your car and how much you are willing to spend.  If you are using a loan, get loan rates first to be able to know the maximum amount that you can spend.

Shop around before you purchase a car. Get the average price of the car you are looking for. When you are negotiating with a dealer, remember that it is possible that you may be able to get a better deal from other dealers in your area. Also be wary of car dealerships who offer a very low price for a used car. When a car is sold at less than two thirds of its usual asking price, think twice and inspect the cars condition and quality thoroughly. An extremely low price can be an indication of damage or illegal practices by a dealer.

  1. Research the car model

Most car buyers look for a car that suits their aesthetic tastes and finding too late that it doesn’t suit their lifestyle.  Research the car model before purchasing a car. Familiarize its specifics and make sure that spare parts and repair are easily accessible. Used cars might need brake repair, transmission repair and other work done in the future so make sure that this is convenient for you.

  1. Use your own mechanic.

Take a used car to your own mechanic. Have a trusted mechanic make a thorough inspection of you’re the car to check for damage or worn out parts. Most reputable car dealerships allow third party inspections to be done to provide peace of mind for their customers.

  1. Know your car dealer

It is advisable to visit several dealers before you settle for one car. When you have already shortlisted your options, make sure to check out the car dealer and make sure you are speaking with a reputable one. Your mechanic can give you a good feedback on car dealers around your area. You can also visit online forums from helpful tips from experts and car buyers. One of the reputable car dealerships that you might want to consider is Omeara Ford.



The damage that is caused during a heart attack can be very serious. The sudden rupture in the hearts wall might leave scars inside your heart that can be the cause of future episodes that put your life in risk. When you have a heart attack the first thing to do is read about all the options you have for preventing a future heart attack. This process must be given all your attention and care because the way you go about deciding  the way you will take care of your heart, will literally the difference between life and death. Of course, one needs to read everything possible on the subject of heart treatment for post heart attack patients but it is also essential to talk with you medical provider and see what there opinion is on the subject. A doctor’s knowledge is second to none when it comes time to plan your preventative heart treatments. After a heart attack, most people are counseled to do some of the same things in order to prevent another attack. The most common recommendations are; losing weight, cutting down on salt, trying to manage the level of stress in your life and getting regular exercise. On top of all these obviously good options, there is another treatment becoming prevalent in the world of cardiac patients and it is autologous stem cell transplant.

Autologous procedures are a relatively new thing to come about in the world of heart treatment but they are a very exciting possibility for many people who have had serious damage done to their hearts during a heart attack, by tearing or by the loss of oxygen that may occur when the heart is not functioning properly. The idea behind the operation is to enable a damaged heart, which could otherwise not rejuvenate new cells on its own, the ability to make new cells with the help of a stem cell transplant. This means that a heart that has a bad valve or a small tear in it, can actually repair itself and prevent heart problems from occurring in the future. The damaged cells are replaced by new and healthy cells which act as building blocks for the parts of the organ that are not able to reproduce healthy cells for the heart that way a normal heart could.  This is all part of the stem cell regenerative process that is being used in medicine to treat everything from a faulty heart to bone marrow transplants.  

Today there are more options than ever when it comes to making sure we do not have a recurrent heart episode. Diet and exercise are a huge part of taking care of our hearts and they should always be utilized as both a treatment and a preventative kind of medicine and not today, we also have a whole world of new science, like the autologousstem cell transplant, to help us take care of our hearts and make sure they keep on beating for years to come.



I always go with the company with the best warrantee program

With how terribly things are often made now a days I am usually really picky about the companies that I choose to give my money to. Especially when it comes to big purchases like home repair or something similar I generally try not go use a company unless they offer at least a ten or a fifteen year guarantee. If I can I really look for a lifetime warrantee, which a few companies such as Hail Proof Siding here in Denver do. It is becoming less and less common I think for companies for companies to offer a lifetime warrantee but I always think that it has to be some sort of a testament to the quality of their work if a company is able to offer a lifetime warrantee on their work and still stay in business. I know that sometimes things are going to have to be fixed either because of a silly mistake or maybe to no fault at all of the installers of the company itself. None the less, I know these things are sometimes going to happen and that is fine but if it happens infrequently enough that it does not result in some sort of big financial hit for the company that means that it must not be that frequent. I mean I am not really sure how much it would cost a company such as Hail Proof Siding to come back and fix something that they had done in the past but I am sure it is not a cheap process. Plus, on top of just the basic materials cost they are having to pay the employees for their time and then there is some sort of opportunity cost since the company is not having their workers out on a paying job.

windowsAll of these reasons is why whenever I find a company like Hail Proof Siding that is obviously confident enough about their work to guarantee it I know that they are a company worth trusting. While the number of companies willing to do this is dwindling, I hope that the process doesn’t completely die out. Right now I can usually find at least one company in each industry that I think really offers good work like Hail Proof Siding but if it becomes any less common to offer lifetime guarantees I think I might start to actually have a difficult time in finding companies that I can trust to do a good job. Actually, that might not be totally fair, I am sure some companies out there that do not have good guarantee programs still do good work and it is probably not fair of me to assume they don’t just because of their company policies but over all if given the choice I will always choose to give my money to the company that is confident enough in their work to offer me a good warrantee program over the companies who do not; simple and easy as that.




You Sciatic nerve pain is driving you crazy and you are not sure where to turn. You have a whole list of doctors to choose from, but you don’t know one from the other. One of your friends told you that his doctor did a great job when with his sciatica treatment but you are not your friend and if you follow his advice, it wouldn’t be the first time a friend has let you down. There are more options out there too, like a therapist. You go see a therapist and this is what is going to happen, they rub you down with a bunch of expensive oils and wrap a hot towel around your lower back for 20 minutes as you lay there of a massage board listening to relaxing music. I guess that it might turn out to be a pretty relaxing therapy but it sure is not going to cure your pain. So where do you turn to when you have a serious pain to deal with and you don’t know where to start.

Welcome to the sciatica treatment super clinic. As you walk in the doors of our facility you are going to notice one major difference between us and the other guys, we only deal in sciatica treatment. We have been dedicated to this one aspect of treatment for over 20 years, so you know we truly are the best in the business. At out amazing clinics you will find a whole staff of knowledgeable therapy experts, dedicated to making you sciatica pain go away forever.

Over the years a whole lot of folks have walked in our doors, about to undergo an expensive and difficult back pain treatment, and they have come to us as their last option. They have been all over town and they think they are about out of options but here they find a second hope. The whole mega complex is a shrine to the elimination of sciatic pain. The first floor is dedicated to the study of sciatic pain as well as the history of sciatic pain. You see, here at sciatica treatment super clinic, we know that you have to know where you have come from, if you want to figure out where you are going.

On the second floor is where the real magic happens. A whole world of modern machinery we use to get the one up on sciatic pain. Last year alone, we spent nearly 3 million dollars in new equipment and training for our people. When it comes to the battle against pain, we take no enemies and we make no retreats. We attack and we win, time after time and that is why people look to us as their last hope.

If you are already checking into spine surgery or other types of back pain relief surgery, let me suggest that you take the afternoon to come down and talk to us first; you can bet you will be glad you did.



I Want a Reliable Pager System

pager systems

Operating a high-paced environment such as a hospital or fire station can be a tedious process for anyone. However, it is your duty to help make sure it runs as smoothly as possible. However, this will take some precarious timing on your part.

The reason I am writing this blog is to help you understand how to make your high-paced environment work more efficiently with little holdups or loses in lives or patients. As a person who has established herself as a professional writer and has made a lucrative career from it, I have had to work with groups of people in a high-paced environment. Often times, we always used tools such pager systems, chat systems and other forms of communication.

Choosing a Pager System

As you begin exploring your options, one of the more likely systems to work will be a staff pager system. This system helps you establish the type of communication necessary to have a functioning business thrive even better. As you establish your pager system, you need to choose a group of people you feel comfortable with trusting and know that they will respond well to the pager system.

Not all employees will be as reliable as others will with the pager system, so you need to evaluate your team carefully. For me, I have had to evaluate each team of writers, editors and others on each individual team I have been a part of to understand if they will work well with the pager system.

If you have a reliable source of workers, the pager system can be a great source of running your business efficiently. For example, hospitals and firefighting squads have a high success with using pager systems. In the event of an emergency, the pager system allows everyone to be contacted within the appropriate time. Since the jobs are considered “urgent”, people respond well and know that once their beeper/pager goes off, it is time to get suited up for work and to help resolve whatever issues are occurring.

Companies such as Top Paging Systems are available for you, as you need them. They are able to provide you with reliable systems for staff pagers. If you have any questions for them, they will provide you with the most reliable answers to help you resolve any inquiries you may have for them.

Choose Other Systems

Chat message systems are often used in my line of work. I have noticed that when people are writers, they are always linked to something electronic. Whether it is their smartphone, iPad, tablets or computer – they are online in some form or fashion. Creating chat systems and groups in which all members of your team can participate will be the most advisable suggestion from me to you.

The more methods you create for you and your team to stay connected, the more accessible everyone will be for you. Create methods where reaching out to business partners or employees to help create a functioning business and work relationship.


Our elderly mother’s roofing needed fixing after winter storms

When my father passed away several years ago, my siblings and I all tried to convince our mother to move in with one of us, any of us. We all had the space for her and we all had kids so she could be near her grandchildren. But none of us lived in town anymore and she did not want to leave and ultimately, she decided to stay put. We were not thrilled about it, but she is an adult and there was nothing we could do about it so she stayed in the home she and our father had raised us in. By the time my father passed away, they owned the home outright, so there really was very little leverage we could use to convince her to sell the home and move in with one of us.

Then a few weeks ago, she called my brother to ask him to come out and see her. She had noticed a draft and was wondering if there was something wrong with the roof, but did not want to call professional roofers. Always afraid of being taken advantage of, our father would have done the negotiating on home repairs or he would have just done them himself. My brother drove the few hours out to see her the following weekend and reported back to us almost immediately. Indeed there was a draft, and the roofing was in poor condition. This was a particularly cold and snowy winter and it seemed to have taken its toll on the house. The damage done was considerably more than he could handle himself, so he extended his trip a few days and called roofers himself to come and do the work. He would stay and wait for it be completed, but he made our mother promise she would not leave this kind of damage unattended in the future.

Since she would not come and live with any of us, we made a new deal with her that she was to call at least one of us the next time anything was going on with the house. While she is in relatively good health she is simply too frail and too old to be trying to do any repairs around the house. The elderly are all too often susceptible to scams as well and we were as uneasy as she was about her negotiating with repair people. I know she likes to live independently but we also have a deal among ourselves that if the next big repair job is too expensive to deal with that we will basically have to convince her to move. It will not be easy, but it will be necessary at that point. We also put in an alarm and she now carries an alert system button if she were to fall or have an accident while home alone. Living independently is good for our mother, but we all worry tremendously about her and hope that in the not too distant future there will be a good reason for her to leave the house and come live with one of her children.



Categories of Water Damage in San Antonio

There are a lot of water damage concerns in San Antonio that residents or tourists can experience. This is rather expected given that this city experiences hurricanes and about twelve subfreezing nights annually.

Aside from damages caused by flooding, there are other sources that may seem simple but can cause great damage if action is not taken at once. Leaking pipes is one such source. This is especially true if the pipes are located inside the walls. You not only have to deal with the water damage but with the eventual structural damage. A clogged toilet can be both a problem and an embarrassment. Cracks in the walls and moisture in said walls can also be a problem.

water damage in San Antonio


These problems though can be remediated easily enough if you contract companies offering such services like Restoration Eze. How do companies know then what to do in cases like this? It is not as simple as just extracting the water out. There are different types that they need to determine first before conducting the actual work.

First is knowing what category the water is. Category 1 Water for instance is known as “Clean Water.” This refers to sources of water that do not pose any threat to humans. Examples include from broken pipes or overflow from sinks. Category 2 Water is called “Grey Water.” This contains a significant degree of contaminants that can cause humans to experience discomfort or sickness when they are exposed to it. Water discharge coming from washing machines or dishwashers are some examples. Finally, we have Category 3 Water or “Black Water.” This is considered as unsanitary and contains harmful agents like bacteria. Water from sewage is a very good example for this category.

Water damage in San Antonio or other cities are also classified. Categories for water damage are based on the rate of evaporation and are further based on the materials that it affects. By knowing what class the damage is, companies will be able to know what equipment to use. Class 1 means that there is a slow rate of evaporation and the damage only affects a portion of the house. Class 2 is fast rate of evaporation and most likely the whole room is affected and it may even have wicked into the walls. Class 3 is when there is fastest rate of evaporation and the water comes from the roof or ceiling. This implies that a large area is affected. Finally Class 4 pertains to specialty drying situations. When this occurs, a low specific humidity is needed in order for the materials like concrete and hardwood floors to dry.

Now that you know the different categories of water and type of water damage, you can now appreciate better why companies charged you for that amount. This is the reason why you should contact professionals instead of solving things on your own when you face these kinds of situations.

Water damage in San Antonio need not be a long term problem especially if you know there are companies out there that can help.



Buying your blinds from a small store is much better than from a big chain

When it comes to buying almost anything but particularly things of importance, I always try to find a smaller local shop to buy from instead of going straight to the Wal-Mart or whatever else. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes the big stores like Target or Wal-Mart are necessary but if I can avoid it in favor of a small, local business, I usually will. This is for a few reasons; first I think that generally they have better products. Like recently I was looking for some new blinds and while doing some research on the Internet, I saw some of the brands that they had at the bigger stores and they did not exactly have great reviews online. Then when I went to check out the local blinds store had a number of much higher rated products such as Hunter Douglas Blinds.

The second reason that I generally try to buy from small, local stores is that I feel that it is much more helpful to my community. Granted I didn’t know the people who own the shop that sold the local Hunter Douglas Blinds, but I know that they have lived in this town for a number of years and that whatever profit they make off of my purchase of some Hunter Douglas Blinds stays with them and will probably be spent to buy groceries at our local super market or maybe the local day care center that takes care of their kids while they are at work. I much prefer this system where the money more or less stays closer to our community. Of course some of it goes to the national companies like Hunter Douglas who make the blinds but at least it is half half instead of almost all of the money leaving our community.

blinds With the example of buying the blinds locally, it is also common that when you buy products like that from a smaller shop a lot of the time they have more information on what you are buying. When you go to one of the big stores that sells absolutely everything under the sun, the chances of them knowing much of anything about one particular product is pretty slim. When you buy your Hunter Douglas blinds at a small shop that only sells window coverings, you know that they probably know everything there is to know about blinds, shutters and shades. After all they are around it all day every day. They can tell you not only what kind of window coverings will work best for your home in terms of style and design, but also in terms of functionality. Things like how much privacy or sun you want in your home can be just as big of a determining factor as things like color and design. Since the sales people at a local shop will know all of these things they can help you make a better informed decision about your purchase than anyone at a big chain store ever could.


Factors and Tips for a Perfect Window Treatment

Many aspects may affect when selecting the perfect window treatments for your home.  Your choices should reflect and improve what you love about each room in your house. Here are several factors and tips to help you out.


Right Looks at the Right Price

Most blinds and shades from Hunter Douglas come in high quality.  There are many selections you can get from Hunter Douglas.  If the top tier doesn’t suit you needs or budget, you can consider another option.  Every product is well made and they have amazing service is superior with every selection.

window treatments


Better Insulators

When investing in good quality window coverings, what you spend may make up for the substantial savings you can enjoy over time in your electric bills. Several choices provide good energy efficiency. Honeycomb blinds from Hunter Douglas intended with interior cells just for that purpose.  Hunter Douglas shutters are also tops, as are shades, vertical blinds and many styles of wood blinds from Hunter Douglas.

Faking it is Fabulous

No question about having real wood window treatments because they are indeed beautiful additions to your home.  But there are many reasons why ersatz wood is an excellent alternative; one of them is the price.  In the case of fake wood blinds, they are even better light blockers and insulators because of their extra angle in the molded slats that creates a tighter fit.

Color and Material

Sample Color Board

It’s best to get consultation from designers, or visit showroom to get ideas. You can make a single color decision or pull together samples of your wall color or your main room’s main fabric decor.  You can place these samples on an index card or on a small board as your guide when you go shopping for window treatments.

Spatial Consideration

To make the room appear larger, you need to choose a material or color for your windows that is similar in tone to your walls.  To make a room feel and look cozier, turn the window into the central point or you can use contrasting color.

Take a Risk with Colors

Color is an unspoken language.  It sends concealed messages that lift spirits and influence your comfort level in your home environment.  Brighter or bolder colors add life to rooms like children’s spaces or kitchens where there is lots of energy going on.  Rustic colors drawn from the earth, including richly honeyed and stained woods, become color conduits, drawing the tranquility and peace of the outdoors in.  Neutral shades warm up a room and showcase your accent piece but neutral does not have to be “beige”.  Every shade in the color wheel has its neutral point.  There are so many options to choose from.

All about the Trimmings

For window coverings such as roller shades from Hunter Douglas, it’s time to select the decorative trims and borders.  The wide fabric tapes are part of the pattern and color fun.  Match these to your theme or mood for the room; pick up the same accenting colors in several other spots around the room.  Choose the color that work best with the color of your wall, making it the focal point of your decor.


Assess your Employees for Safety

Employee AssessmentIf you work for a large company that hires a lot of people, you certainly have a human resources department.  Their duty is to ensure that your colleagues are all fit for work, both mentally and physically.  It is a difficult job, but thanks to the development of comprehensive employee assessment tests, they can easily determine the condition of their associates.  WIthout understanding the condition of your employees, how can you be sure they are working to the best of their ability?

The implementation of widespread employee assessments in general labor jobs has become more common over the past few years in efforts to reduce workplace injuries.  In the past, many skilled workers were at high risk for permanent injury if they were not careful on the job.  Many men lost fingers, hands, and worse simply because of inadequate workplace safety education programs.

When manufacturing jobs were more dangerous, and we did not have the automation processes that we have today, it was critical that you knew every aspect of the machines you utilized in a manufacturing job.  Without proper knowledge of your tools, you were guaranteed to harm yourself at some point or another.

Now, we have workplace safety education systems in place for nearly every job available.  Some jobs have safety training and the job itself is not inherently dangerous unless you are completely incompetent.  We can all be thankful for those tests, however; if they were not here, we can be sure people would figure out how to hurt themselves in any workplace.